Getting Started


Aeroflicr is a great platform for those buying and selling aircraft images online.

Aeroflicr offers you the privilege to set the price for your images. You can control the selling price and licence type.

When you upload a photo, you can choose the licensing option of ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Multiple’. Exclusive images are sold to only one buyer and the ‘Multiple’ option enables you to sell images to many buyers.

This website allows you to enjoy the freedom of getting the true value for your images. Once sold, 90% of your sale be automatically deposited to your account in Aeroflicr . The money will be transferred to your individual bank or PayPal account as per your preference on the ‘My Profile’ page.

As a buyer you can find thousands of images at an affordable price. We offer you the option of buying directly as a guest or by using our simplified wallet payment system.



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